Fire on the Beach

Fireworks are not legal on the beach  in Myrtle Beach or any surrounding communities. They are only legal when a company has a permit to do so on special occasions.  Sparklers are considered fireworks.  Chinese Floating Sky Lanterns are considered fireworks because there is fire inside.

The Sparklers  are dangerous as they produce sparks  & embers which can burn clothing and light into hair which may have hairspray (very flamable).   The dunes, sea grass and all vegetation can be very dry and start grass fires.

The wind blows in all directions.  It is not always blowing out to the ocean. It is always blowing and at times it is stronger than other times and changes in minutes.  It can be mild and go up to 40 mph or higher.

The Sky Lanterns can blow onto a house, in trees and vegetation and start fires. Even though the directions say they are environmentally safe and fire goes out in minutes, this is not true.  There are wires that fall into the ocean or on the ground. The sea life and sea birds are ones that suffer due to getting this TRASH hung in thier throats.

Over 975 acres of land and houses were burned in this area recently and attributed to a Sky Lanterns landing in a tree.  You will be prosecuted for causing damage to lives and property. 

Bon Fires are not allowed on the beach.  The beach patrol will fine you for doing so.

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