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Beach Weddings in Myrtle Beach

Most beach weddings will not require  the issuance of a Special Event Permit.  The threshold for requiring a Special Event Permit are 500 or more participants, 100 or more chairs, tents greater than 12 x 12 or multiple tents and weddings that do not meet the standards. Beach weddings are permitted in certain areas.  Each […]

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Marriage License in South Carolina

To be married in South Carolina, you must obtain a South Carolina Marriage License.  There is a 24 hour waiting period after the after it has been entered into the Court’s computerized marriage license system on the business day following the Court’s receipt of the Application.   There are no blood tests required.  Both applicants ( […]

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Chinese Sky Lanterns – Fireworks

Lately, I’ve been asked about releasing Chinese Sky Lanterns at the end of the ceremony.  After much research and phone calls to State and Local Fire Marshalls,  these are under the catergory of Fireworks. Fireworks are not legal in Horry County.  The State of South Carolina has banned them.  They are not safe for the […]

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Ceremony & Reception Sites

CEREMONY & RECEPTION SITE PREFERENCES Please complete the following in order to determine which location would be the best fit for your wedding ceremony and reception and to check availability for your date.   Wedding Budget: Approximate number of guests: Wedding Date: Are you flexible with the date?   What part of the Myrtle Beach area if […]

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Wedding Insurance, do I need it?

Wedding insurance is inexpensive and gives you peace of mind.  If guests drink any form of alcohol at your party,  you ( the couple) are responsible for their actions at the party and when they leave the party.  Here are (2) websites that you can key in some facts to get a quote quickly.   […]

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Save the Date Cards

Myrtle Beach post cards make excellent Save the Date Cards.  A couple just asked me if I would   purchase Myrtle Beach post cards for them and mail those to them.  They are on the way to the couple now.  This is a very inexpensive way to get those reminders in the mail right away.  There […]

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Why Hire a Wedding Coordinator?

This is your big day and your dream wedding! The day you will shine and be the center of attention.  You want to experience the glory, but do you really want to experience the pressure and headaches?  Don’t let your memories be of the things that went wrong. Wedding planning is no easy task, specially […]

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First Things First

Remember, date & location are the biggest hurdles. Once you have booked these two important details, you may launch headfirst into the frilly trimmings & details! If possible,  book your venue at least a year out to insure you get the place you have fallen in love with.  The same goes for your wedding planner.  […]

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Email address for Wedding

Before you even begin by telling your parents that you are engaged…sign up for a free e-mail address that you can dump immediately after the wedding!! You will get spammed continuously for 9-24 months while you plan your wedding and even well after the blessed event. Take my advise and use this temporary e-mail for […]

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The wedding processional is possibly the grandest part of the wedding day.  When you make your first appearance & all eyes are on you, there is an atmosphere of anticipation as everyone waits nervously for you to arrive.  But do you know the order in which the bridal party should arrive & who should escort […]

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